PI Controls Instrument Differential Pressure Flow meter (Wedge)

  • Features And Functions
    • It is used for measuring the flowrate of viscous liquid, the allowed viscosity reaches 500mPa·s.
    • It is applicable to fluid with suspended particles and solid mixture.
    • Reynolds number features wide application range, and can be used for the extremely low Reynolds number (ReD=300), and the upper limit of Reynolds number exceeds 6.
  • Technical Parameters
    • Inside nominal diameter (mm): 25-1400 (ordering after negotiation for bigger caliber)
    • Nominal pressure (MPa): PN≤6.4MPa
    • Medium temperature (℃): t≤200℃;
    • Precision (not precise): Level 1.0 (real flow calibration), Level 1.5, Level 2.0, Level 2.5.

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