Defferential Pressure Flow Meter (Venturi tube)

  • Features And Functions
    • Wide Range Flowing Medium Properties
    • rosion challenges
    • ressure recovery challenges
    • No Maintenance Requirements
  • Technical Parameters
    • Design Code: ISO-5167 & ASME MFC-3M
    • Flanges Manufactured: GB,ASME;
    • Line Size: 1" to 60" (Larger Line Size Available On Application)
    • Pressure: 150# to 2500# (Higher Pressure Available On Application)
    • Venturi Material: Carbon steel, Stainless Steel, Super Duplex,Satellite,Monel & Inconel (Other Material Available On Application)
    • Connection mode:Flange connection, Butt welding
    • Differential Pressure Tap Type:Tap Tube butt welding, NPT, Flanged, Valve & Piezometric Annular Ring
    • Exit Angle Option: Long Form, Short Form & Truncated

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