PI Controls Instrument Differential Pressure Flow meter (V-cone)

  • Features And Functions
    • Short straight pipe section at upper and lower reaches: the length of upper reach straight pipe section is 0D- 3D, (3D if it is installed at the lower reach of the valve), length of the lower reach straight pipe section is 0D- 1D
    • Precision: ±1.0%, ±1.5%, ±0.5% (after real flow calibration); repeatability is 0.1%; measurement range ratio reaches 15: 1
    • Resistant o dirt, low pressure loss
    • With flowing adjustment and liquid mixing function
    • Convenient installation, it is the ideal flowmeter for technical reconstruction;
    • Free of maintenance or low maintenance work load
  • Technical Parameters
    • Throttling diameter ratio: β: 0.45- 0.85
    • Inside nominal diameter (mm): DN: 15- 1800mm
    • Nominal pressure (MPa): PN: 0.25- 20MPa
    • Reynolds number range ReD: 5×3- 1×7

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